Conveniently build an integrated email marketing service that increase repeat purchases

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Build a

The bigger the list of contacts, the more touch points for sales.

Plan out the contents

Increase the engagement of your email followers, increase loyalty and decrease bounce rate.

Data is

Increase your rate of conversion and practice accurate targeting.

Reap the

Capture them as loyal customers and become your brand advocates.

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Agency?

Save Time

Creating an email sequencing blueprint is time consuming. Let our in-house email marketing strategist do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on other operations!

Creative Designers

We provide services from design work to email copywriting! Just let us know the gist of the message and we will beautify it.

No Exorbitant Charges

Possibly the most reasonably priced professional email marketing service you can find!


Let us report to you with analysis and recommendations, so that you can better maximise your resources with changing trends!

Types of Email

Shiok lah transactional email example

Transactional Email

Do not just send a plain receipt. Use the chance to divert your customers to your website for more repurchases. Maximise the potential of a transactional email to get the best email marketing results!

Baebe reminder email example

Reminder Email

We can cover from design of the email to copywriting! Just let us know the gist of the message you want to send to your audience and we will take care of it.

shiok lah introductory email example

Introductory Email

Save cost on your email marketing! Do not be fooled by other companies charging sky high amount for this service.

baebe promotional email example

Promotional Email

We will produce in-depth report and from there do analysis to see how we can better maximise your resources based on changing trends!

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Out of sight, out of mind?
Let your customers remember you constantly

with our email marketing service & Automate them!

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Don’t wait! Retarget your customers for repeat purchases and watch their loyalty skyrocket!

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