Creative Advertising Management Specialisation

Specialising in creative advertising management, Empower Plus positions itself as a marketing partner to many SMEs in Singapore. Empower Plus Digital Marketing Agency is established with the mission to help all SMEs through digital transformation and also to help all clients maximise modern digital marketing tools.

Achieve market share with limited resources

With strong competition faced by many businesses in the digital world, how does one achieve market share with limited resources? With years of experience in the digital marketing field, we realise there are many marketing agencies pitch about advertising dollars being the limiting factor. Times have changed and we discovered more significant factors that affect your returns of advertising other than just the ad budget.

Digitalise your business

If you are looking to digitalise your business, target new market audiences, lead generation campaigns or even simple commercial production, we are the right partner you can look for to collaborate. With a team made by locals, we understand how the Singapore market works and behave. With an analytical mind and a sprinkle of creativity, we strive to achieve the best results you are looking for.

Constantly evolving range of marketing services offered

From serving our clients the basic digital marketing services like social media management, marketing, KOL advertising, Google SEO/SEM, we have expanded into media production services, email marketing system, design work & IT solutions. Instead of having to call different vendors and have trouble coordinating, you have just one person to call, and that is Empower Plus, as we cover it all.

Give us a chance to work with you and we hope to impress you with our ideas!

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